REPORT: Success personified in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

the world in which we live and work,
business leaders are adapting to the
changes it is causing. In Deloitte Global’s second
an annual survey assessing business and government
readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution,
leaders appear more knowledgeable about Industry
4.0 and its implications for their organizations. But
with that knowledge comes a greater awareness of
how quickly things are changing and how companies
must act today to remain successful in the future.
The 2018 inaugural report, which aimed to
assess executives and their organizations’ readiness
for Industry 4.0, observed a “tension between hope
and ambiguity.”1

While executives understood the
changes being brought about by Industry 4.0 and
were confident they were ready, their actions (or
lack thereof) demonstrated they were less prepared
and less able than they thought to fully harness and
benefit from those changes.
In this year’s survey, we aimed to uncover how
leaders are moving forward, where they are making
the most progress, and what sets apart the most
effective leaders.