REPORT: Enabling 4IR through the ICT Sector Workshop

The technological and digital revolution of economies – particularly the world of work – has been a reality since the dawn of the 21st century. But the pace of change accelerates with every passing year. This development has been dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and its impacts are both deep and wide-ranging.

The countries of the Global North are at the forefront of the changes taking place because of 4IR. However, developing economies, such as South Africa, can still find a niche by investing in the technologies and new skills that are essential for this new world. A national 4IR readiness plan is a necessary starting point.

This is where the Fourth Industrial Revolution Partnership for SA (4IRSA) comes in. 4IRSA is an initiative driven by some of South Africa’s leading academic and research institutions, with the aim to produce a coherent and comprehensive national 4IR plan for the country.

A sectoral workshop took place on 24 January 2019 in Johannesburg, Gauteng to engage in dialogue, and gather insight into pressing topics.